Game Show

Two to five podiums with microphones, scoring and a lock out system where the first person to hit their button locks out the other contestants and has the opportunity to answer the question as their microphone becomes “live” and they have the chance to score points for themselves or their team. All the other podiums are locked out until the answer is made, if they are right that contestant will receive the points, if they are wrong the other contestants have the opportunity to lock out the remaining contestants. You have your choice of “Jeopardy” style hand held buttons or to hit the button on the podium to lock out the other players. This system is totally customizable to fit your needs. You can go with the basic game show featured in the picture on top left or go with your own logo or photo as seen top right. Add a sound system, screen and lights for that true game show feel or place the podiums on a table top with all microphones ON as seen in photos third down on the left. You may want to review classes, seminars, training or take questions from the audience and answers from the panel. This system is totally portable for small spaces, 10’ x 8’ or can be set on stage with all the options. A variety of games are offered from our most popular Game Show Mania, Challenge (Jeopardy), Feud, Star Power or customized to your needs. The Host will have your audience laughing throughout with our own popular questions mixed with some of your own questions. You may want to provide your own host and have a more serious session it is all up to you. We suggest 1 hour to 1 &1/2 hour for the show, please call for consultation. Priced according to your needs.